Awe and Wonder moments in RM!

Today blue readers walked around school to see signs of Autumn and to experience awe and wonder moments in our school grounds.

First we visited the pond, it was raining and we watched the raindrops make ripples on the pond. We spotted lots of circles!! We estimated how many there were.

Roxy estimated 21 circles

Lewis estimated 1000 circles

Lucy estimated 100 circles

Lola estimated 600 circles.

Then we visited the vegetable patches in school and saw wheat in one of the vegatable boxes and even saw sweetcorn plants too!

Finally we went and stood underneath the trees and watched the autumn leaves fall down!

Yesterday Mrs Willis took the red readers, they had much better weather than the blue readers today. Can you spot the difference?


4 thoughts on “Awe and Wonder moments in RM!

  1. Another exciting day even in the rain. What lovely school grounds for all the children. Lottie has been doing lots of leaf hunting since her autumn walk at school. It’s lovely to see all the exciting things reception have been getting up to.

    • I know, even in the rain!! It is a good job we were really prepared for life in Reception and had our coast, we brave all weathers; sun, rain and even snow!

      We are extremely lucky to have such wonderful grounds to explore and the children love getting outside to learn too! It’s so wonderful hear when the children take their learning home and further it in their own way, how independent!

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