A huge thank you!

I would just like to thank every single parent and carer for their kind words today and lovely presents. It has been an absolute pleasure to teach your children and your generosity is overwhelming. As their teacher, it has been so rewarding to see your children progress and make huge steps in their learning. I’ve been able to see them learn how to ride a pedal bike for the first time, be brave enough to go on the trim trail all the way to the top or see the excitement on their faces when they make their own milestone in their learning and have what I call a “lightbulb moment” to name just a few special moments. What an absolutely fabulous class, I will definitely miss them when they go to Year One. Make sure you come and say hello every now and again, I love to hear how they are getting on in the next year group and have every faith that Miss Chamberlain will do a fantastic job at taking them on the next stage in their learning journey. I hope you all have a wonderful summer holidays and hope you make lots of special memories whether you are staying locally or travelling further afield. It’s crazy how time flies so make the most of your time together and I wish you all the best for the future!

Lots and lots of love from,

Miss Mason

What are we up to in Reception?

Last week the children have enjoyed creating Christmas cards. They looked at the different sized strips of paper and talked about long and short as they created their Christmas Tree card. We talked about using the right scissors needed depending on which is our dominant hand and carefully cut the strips so that they were the size we wanted. The children liked using their finger prints and white paint to create a snow effect on the Christmas tree.

After creating our Christmas cards the children were shown how to write inside a card. The children all listened to the initial sounds they needed and wrote these in their cards. The children showed how well their phonological understanding and written correspondence is developing.

On Friday we had our Nativity professionally filmed. This was also the first time that the children had worn their costumes. The children performed very well and we are excited to see the DVD. The children had their photos taken in their costumes to go to the Yorkshire Evening Post. A very exciting day for Reception.

Busy week ahead
This week have a lot going on in Reception. Here is a quick reminder:
Monday– we have our school trip to Leeds Minster in the morning followed by Christmas dinner at school.
Tuesday– we will have our final nativity practice before our performance to parents.
Wednesday– Nativity performance (morning- 9:30am)
Thursday-Nativity performance (afternoon 1:30pm)
Friday– Christingle service

This week we have not sent a new sound of the week this will continue again after Christmas.