Counting on… 


Gerardas, Aarav and Max learnt how to add by counting on. They could even write the ‘switcher’ e.g 2+3 =5 and 3+2=5. They were really proud when we went to visit Mr Spink and he gave them a reward wristband each for their fantastic learning! We definitely have some amazing mathematicians in our class- keep up the good work boys!  

What is counting on? 

If for example we have 5 pink cubes and 2 blue cubes we can count on from the bigger number to find out how many cubes we have altogether so 5… Count on…6,7! 

One thought on “Counting on… 

  1. Wow Aarav you’ve really done Mummy proud. Well done all of you! Lot of effort from the teachers too in helping them learn:)

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