Investigation Dinosaur!!!! 

This morning the children arrived to a very messy classroom. Our egg had hatched and there were green footprints leading from the egg to the window in to the year one outdoor area. The tables and chairs had all been knocked over by the creature that had escaped. We investigated the clues in class. The footprints had 3 digits and they were large. There was green slime everywhere too!

The children decided that it must have been a T-Rex because they have the same footprints.

We had to write to Year One to let them know about our findings. Some children delivered envelopes, with a letter and photos of our classroom, to each of the year one classes asking them to look out for clues and write back to us if they see anything unusual.

Mrs Stott and Miss Linsley also came down to investigate the rumors that the egg had hatched. The children were very excited to show them around our very messy classroom and explain the clues that we had found.

Mr Smith’s class have written to Mr Walker, our school caretaker, and have asked him to check the school CCTV and told him to also be very careful when walking around the school grounds.







5 thoughts on “Investigation Dinosaur!!!! 

  1. WOW chase has been telling our family all about the egg hatching and the fact you have a possible T-Rex loose in your school. We looking forward to hearing more about the adventure and investigations during the rest of the week.

  2. Oh my goodness, Lottie could not wait to tell me all about her exciting day. She said to me “oh my gosh mum! You will not believe it!” She spoke about the egg hatching all the way home and the mess the dinosaur had made in the classroom and how letters were sent to year 1.

    Sounds like you’ve all had such an exciting day today, hope you find the dinosaur. He looks like he could be very very big.

  3. Sophie has also not stopped talking about the egg!! She has told us all about finding the egg cracked and the footprints leading out of the classroom. Well done to everyone….happy hunting x

  4. Oh my! Sounds like the whole school might need some lessons on what to do if they come face to face with T-Rex!?

  5. It’s great to hear that the children have been telling you all about their learning at school today! It was a really exciting day and they all made great investigators and reporters. We are continuing to write our newspaper reports this week for ‘The Allerton Times’. We will be keeping a close look out for any more clues throughout the week…

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