PC Gareth comes to visit!

What an absolutely amazing morning we have had today. Gareth (Sophie’s daddy) came to visit us with his police van. He spoke to us about all the different roles of a police officer and showed us that the police are really friendly and that we can approach them if we need to, we don’t need to be scared of the police. We got to sit in the cell in the back of the van, turn on the sirens and pretend to be the police! We learnt that every police officer has a number and even came up with our own. The children have absolutely loved having Gareth with us this morning and they are now buzzing with excitement and as you can imagine our police role play area is a busy place to be! I’m sure the children will be coming home telling you all about it.

A massive thank you to Gareth for making such a memorable experience for all of Reception!

8 thoughts on “PC Gareth comes to visit!

  1. What excited faces! It looks like you all learned so much about how the police look after us. A great visitor I am sure

    • The role- play we have seen since our visitor has been great, they have been really engaged in our police station in class.

    • Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to capture him in other exciting upcoming posts! Keep checking the blog together!
      Many Thanks for taking the time to check 😀

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