Summer is on the way! 

What lovely weather we have had today. The children have loved their outdoor learning this week. The EYFS outdoor area has been full of excitement with planting, bubbles and water fun to name a few things. The children really love sharing the outdoor area with the 2 year old nursery and the 3 year old nursery and siblings love finding each other to play together too! 

3 thoughts on “Summer is on the way! 

  1. What a nice idea – outdoor play with younger ones and brothers and sisters! I see you have some lovely tulips growing – I have hundreds in my garden too – they are so pretty. Isn’t it great to have some warm sunny weather at last? best wishes from George’s Granny!

  2. It really is a lovely time of year isn’t it! What colour are your tulips at home? We have been learning all about how to take care of plants and now we are growing our own Mr Greenheads, I’m sure George will tell you all about them when he next sees you!

    Best Wishes, Reception

  3. It would be easier to say what colour I don’t have in tulips! I have got white, red, yellow, orange, maroon, pink, peach, and some that are very dark purply red, nearly black. I try and get some new colour every autumn when I plant new bulbs. I look forward to hearing from George about the plants!

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